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Independent Films ... Sundance & Miramax

Out of nowhere comes this post on Independent Films [Indie films]

It is the largest *Independent* film festival in the U.S. .... held in January every year in Park City, Utah. It was initially started as the Utah/US Film Festival in 1978; an effort to attract more filmmakers to Utah.
However the event became popular only after Robert Redford started the “Sundance Institute in 1981”. In 1991 the event was officially names “The Sundance Film Festival” after Redford’s film; “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.
The *Institute* [a non-profit organization] was set up to actively encourage aspiring filmmakers, and the *Film –Festival* become a forum to display the newly unearthed talent.

Some films: Sex, Lies And Videotape, The Blair Witch Project, El Mariachi, Memento, The Full Monty, Shine, In The Bedroom, American Splendor, Whale Rider, Napolean Dynamite ...

Many famous independent filmmakers had their big-break at Sundance:
Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, James Wan and Jim Jarmusch ...

The Miramax Studios, was formed in 1979 by brothers and co-chairmen Harvey and Bob Weinstein [the name was derived from the combination of their parents' names: Miriam and Max] to produce and distributed independent and foreign. But now its entered even mainstream films.

Miramax made a name for itself in the late '80s and '90s by making "art" films and the small independent and foreign language movies that other studios refused to make, including "Working Girls"; Steven Soderbergh's "Sex lies and videotape" and Quentin Tarantino's heist picture "Reservoir Dogs". After Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (1994) - its biggest hit of the 90's - Miramax Studios gathered together some hip, young actors including Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon.
*All of Tarantino's movies have been released by Miramax.

Some more films: Bullets Over Broadway, Sirens, Good Will Hunting , Life is Beautiful ,The Talented Mr. Ripley and The Cider House Rules, The English Patient and Shakespeare in Love ...

In 1993 Miramax was purchased for $70 million by the Walt Disney Company. Harvey and Bob Weinstein ran Miramax until they left the company on September 30th, 2005.

Acceptence Speech of George Clooney ...
[Best Supporting Actor: Syriana] at the Academy Awards, 2006 ...

And finally, I would say that, you know, we are a little bit out of touch in Hollywood every once in a while. I think it's probably a good thing. We're the ones who talk about AIDS when it was just being whispered, and we talked about civil rights when it wasn't really popular. And we, you know, we bring up subjects. This Academy, this group of people gave Hattie McDaniel an Oscar in 1939 when blacks were still sitting in the backs of theaters. I'm proud to be a part of this Academy. Proud to be part of this community, and proud to be out of touch. And I thank you so much for this.


At 05 April, 2006 00:10, Blogger Artful Badger said...

I came across that George Clooney speech elsewhere also. I think he said that about Brokeback Mountain (?)..

At 05 April, 2006 14:04, Blogger Intern said...

Ramani ->
this is an extract from Clooney's speech at the widely watched Oscar Ceremony ... I'm sure you would have heard it elsewhere. I really liked it; so I wanted to put it in my post!

However the context is not one movie Brokeback Mountain - but movies in general ... that is ... combination of all 5 movies nominated for the Oscars:
Crash, Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Goodnight-Goodluck & Munich!
The combined gross earning from these movies has been record low and none of these has been a block-buster movie. So there was a general hush that Hollywood is out of touch with *mainstream* America - which the host of the ceremony Jon Stewart had brought out ....

To which Clooney had replied ...
" Proud to be part of this community, and proud to be out of touch ... "

Quite a quotable quote indeed!!!!

At 08 April, 2006 12:11, Blogger jay-san said...

actually i think when he won best supporting he started his speech saying.."guess this means i ain't getting best director"(something on these lines. was kinda funny

At 10 April, 2006 11:24, Blogger Intern said...

Yeah I remember that @ jay-san

And where are you???


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