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Many movies have sequels ...
But here I’m talking of only those movies with have a *minimum* of two sequels ...

# Interestingly most of the “action” heroes have movie-trilogies to their credit ...
Tom Cruise [Mission Impossible]; Bruce Willis [Die Hard]; Arnold Schwarzenegger [The Terminator]; Keanu Reeves [The Matrix]; Mel Gibson [Lethal Weapon]; and Harrison Ford [Indiana Jones] ....

# Some of the best directors have made sci-fi /fantasy trilogies …
George Lucas [Starwars]; Steven Spielberg [Jurrasic Park, Indiana Jones]; Robert Zemeckis [Back to Future]; Peter Jackson [LOTR]

* I haven’t seen all the movies listed here ...

1. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt [action-thriller]
Strangely enough the sequels have different directors… First is directed by Brain De Palme, second by John Woo & third, yet to be released by J.J Abrams …
Sequels: [i] Mission Impossible – 1996; [ii] – 2000, [iii] – 2006

2. THE MATRIX: Keanu Reeves as Neo [Sci-fi - Action - thriller]
A futuristic story: of struggle between “artificial intelligence” & humans
Director: Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski
Sequels: [i] The Matrix: 1992, [ii] Reloaded- 2003; [iii] Revolution – 2003

3. THE TERMINATOR: Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator [ Sci-fi /action / thriller]
A human-looking, cyborg is sent from the future to the past
Director: James Cameron
Sequels: [I] The Terminator- 1984; [ii] Judgment day- 1991; [iii] Rise of the Machine- 2003

4. DIE HARD: Bruce Willis as John McClane [action-adventure-thriller]
New York cops and hostages
Sequels: [1] Die hard – 1988; [ii] Die harder -1990; [iii] Die hard with a vengeance – 1995

5. LETHAL WEAPON: Mel Gibson as Sergeant Martin with another LA cop Danny Glover as Sergeant Roger [ Action/ Comedy/ Crime thriller]
Director: Richard Donner
Sequels: Lethal Weapon- [I] 1987; [II] – 1989; [III] – 1992 & [IV] – 1998

6. BACK TO FUTURE: Michael J Fox as Marty and Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Brown
A sci-fi time travel movie – action-adventure-comedy
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Sequels: [1] Back to Future - 1985; [ii] - 1989; [iii] - 1990

7. INDIANA JONES: Harrison Ford as Indian Jones [action-adventure-thriller]
Director: Steven Spielberg
Sequels: [i] Raiders of the Lost Ark – 1981; [ii] The Last Crusade – 1989; The Temple of Doom [1984

8. JURRASIC PARK: A Steven Spielberg mega project – sci-fi-action-adventure
“An Adventure 65 Million Years In The Making”
[i] Jurrasic Park – 1993; [ii] The Lost World – 1997; [iii] The Extinction – 2001

9. LORD OF THE RING: A Peter Jackson mega project.
Sequels: [i] The Fellowship of the Ring – 2001
[ii] The Two Towers – 2002
[iii] The Return of the King - 2003

10. STARWARS: A George Lucas mega project – with Harrison Ford [Han Solo]; Mark Hamill [ Luke Skywalker]; Hyden Christensen [Anakin Skywalker]; Ewan McGregor [Obi-Wan Kenobi]; Frank Oz [Yoda]; Natlie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee ….
“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …. “
[i] Starwars: 1977
[ii] Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – 1980
[iii] Episode VI – Return of Jedi -1983
[iv] Episode II – Attack of the Clones -2002
[v] Episode III – Revenge of the Sith – 2005

1. Godfather trilogy – Gangster movie with one of Hollywood’s best directors Francis Ford Coppol and three scting powerhouses: Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino…

2. Dollar Trilogy: Western-action … directed by Sergio Leone with Clint Eastwood.
[i] A Fistful of Dollars – 1964;
[ii] For a few dollars more - 1965
[iii]The Good, The Bad & the Ugly - 1966

Home Alone
American Pie
Carry On Series
Police Academy
Beverly Hills Cops


At 08 March, 2006 02:28, Blogger Handful Of Hell said...

Where's James Bond and Oh my God where is Austin Powers :-p

At 08 March, 2006 09:06, Blogger Intern said...

HOH ->

Yups, that's a glaring oversight!!!
And Bond shall be compensated by a seperate post ....
And Austin Powers follows Bond!

At 08 March, 2006 12:22, Blogger Handful Of Hell said...

Don't take me so seriously *Intern :) I like playing the goof around here you know.

At 08 March, 2006 12:38, Blogger Intern said...

well actually HOH:
Bond will have to wait for a looong time ...
till I see "Casino Royale" !!!

There are too many topics on my mind to write on .... and Bond movies is not one of them!


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