Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Some New

Director: Duncan Tucker
Cast: felicity Huffman , Kevin Zegers ...
I went to the movie, NOT expecting much; but was up for a surprise ... A Very Nice Movie!!! It turned out to be a beautiful experience. The movie makes an honest attempt to humanize the social life of transgender - who still face immense difficulties in being accepted in the mainstream culture. I applaud at the extremely sensitive handling of less talked about issue of sexuality! The protagonist [Felicity Huffman] is an ordinary person, with no heroism and got nothing to boast about; but faces scorn dealing with his (!!!!) gender – a man trapped in a woman’s body!
Felicity Huffman – Bravo!!! Deserves the Best Actress Oscars!!!
The acting of his son is also very commendable.

Director: Stephen Frears
Cast: Dame Judi dench, Bob Hoskins ...
Nice, delightful movie. Its loosely based on the life of Laura Henderson, a rich widow who brought a decrepit London theater “The Windmill” and revved it up as a round-the-clock vaudeville showing nude women. A theater that never closed even during the war [WW-II] periods; even when there was bombing in the city.

Director: Richard Shepard
Cast: Pierce Brosnan ...
It’s a comedy, crime-thriller and drama … with Pierce Brosnan in the lead role.
Brosnan sheds the Bond-guy image! Well he is still a hit-man; but no more appointed by “The majesty - the Queen” and his “license to kill” is gone and along with it goes his suave sophistication.
An okay kind of a movie – neither great, nor was boring, just alright!
However I feel that Pierce Brosnan has been in similar kind of roles … of a person who commits crimes just for the thrill …
- Thomas Crown Affair – he steals from his own art museum, just for fun
- After the Sunset – Again is a diamond thief; just for the kick
(Not touching upon the topic of his Bond-guy roles)

Director: Gore Verbinski
Lead actors: Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine ...
Nicolas Cage - as the Chicago weatherman! [Another Chicago based movie!!!]
Again an ordinary movie! Nothing to rave about.. The movie draws-upon the unpredictability of life from vacillating weather and the very-many factors that can sway either [weather / life] in unforeseeable directions.
Though I liked Nicolas Cage in another movie, “Lord of War” and last year’s hit; “National Treasure” and some of his earlier movies, Adaptation, Face-off, Gone in Sixty Seconds, City of Angles ... but this one didn’t impress me much!
Michael Caine makes the movie slightly pleasant ...


At 01 March, 2006 17:25, Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Don't have much idea about Taiwanese, but wouldn't be surprised. The Polish seem exceptionally good at it. I don't know much about them, but have always been stunned by the picturization in Polish movies. And, I have just randomly picked them up at the library and always been stunned.

Sergio Leone! Had a great Italian buddy in grad school. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is to Italy is what Sholay is to India. Have watched it so many times over pasta and beer, I too consider it at par with Sholay! :D But you will need good company and good food and drinks. Not sure if you can watch it at home on an afternoon, though it's a classic. It is a little dark in patches and really long.

Have you seen Cinema Paradiso. Italian? Others that instantly come to mind are Run Lola Run. German. And Amelie. French.

Have not seen much movies of late. It's good to read them here :)

Oh, and Fiddler On the Roof is totally recommended, if you haven't already.

At 03 March, 2006 08:20, Blogger Intern said...

Of the three movies that make the Dollar trilogy:

- A Fistful of dollars
- For a few Dollars More
- The Good The Bad & The Ugly ...

I've seem Good-Bad-Ugly!
I think the influence of Westerns is very much on Sholay!

Run Lola Run - another good movie. I quite like "Franka Potente" [German]. She's done a good job even in Bourne Identity!

"Milla Jovovich" [Russian] is another interesting character. Seen her in Fifth Element & Zoolander.

But one of my fav is "Jean Reno" [French]

Anyways outside of Hollywood, Bollywood & Britain ...
there are whole lot of Australians ...
Nicole Kidman, Eric Bana, Russell Crowe


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